Lecture 2: Infrastructure: RPC and threads

Lecture 2: Infrastructure: RPC and threads

Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

  • a key piece of distrib sys machinery; you’ll see in lab 1
  • goal: easy-to-program network communication
    • hides most details of client/server communication
    • client call is much like ordinary procedure call
    • server handlers are much like ordinary procedures

RPC is widely used!
RPC ideally makes net communication look just like fn call
RPC aims for this level of transparency

RPC message diagram:

    Client  Server

Software structure

    client app         handlers
    stubs           dispatcher
    RPC lib           RPC lib
    net  ------------ net

RPC problem: what to do about failures?

  • e.g. lost packets, broken network, crashed servers

Simplest scheme: “at least once” behavior

Better RPC behavior: “at most once”

What about “exactly once”?

  • at-most-once plus unbounded retries

Go RPC is “at-most-once”


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